Grosgrain Belts - Georgetown Collection

What is a Grosgrain Belt?

This fabric (pronounced “grow-grain”) is a sturdy yet refined material commonly used to make ribbon belts. Clothiers consider it perfect for crafting fashionable grosgrain ribbon belts given its delicate design and lasting durability. Its versatility makes grosgrain men’s belts a favorite on the links, grosgrain women’s belts a winner on the water, or any type of grosgrain belt a fashionable favorite.

How is a Grosgrain Belt Made?

Grosgrain belts are made by stitching layers of silk or nylon together. The taffeta pattern (or “checkerboard” weave) gives ribbon belts their characteristic look and texture. Belted Cow ribbon belts are finished with handsome satin rectangular buckles for a clean look and added security.

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