Canvas Belts - Newport Collection

What is a canvas belt?

You’re probably most familiar with canvas as the material used to make sails and as a base for oil painting, but did you know that it makes an excellent belt material too? This hearty and rustic-looking material is the perfect wardrobe compliment. It’s durability makes canvas men's belts a must-have while working in the shop, and canvas woman's belts a refined classic while outdoors. Really, fabric belts made out of canvas are the ultimate adaptable accessory for both work or play. 

How do we make our d-ring canvas belts?

Although canvas was historically made from hemp, modern canvas is most often a blend of cotton and PVC materials. We are proud to use high quality canvas made from 100% cotton. Our canvas belts are finished with a set of solid D-rings and rivets cast with an Old English Brass finish for a rustic yet refined appeal.

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