Eric Hopkins Artist Belts

With broad strokes and bold colors, Eric Hopkins captures the dynamic forces and rhythms of nature in water colors, oils, blown glass, mixed media, and photography. His electrifying paintings of Maine islands, the North Atlantic coastline, nature and wide open spaces can be found in galleries around the world, museums, corporate collections and on Belted Cow products.

Photo of Eric Hopkins

When coming up with designs for Belted Cow, Hopkins draws most of his inspiration from his time growing up on North Haven, an island located roughly 12 miles off the coast of Rockland, Maine. His family owned a fish market and a party fishing boat when he was a child, and so he spent much of his time admiring the different shapes and colors of fish. "They’re all the same and they’re all different, just like us."

Hopkins explains that his process is organic, “like improv or visual jazz.” What starts as one stroke can change into something else, and then change into something else again. He enjoys the rhythms of nature, specifically currents in water and the fluidity of fish and how they’re designed to move through water. Hopkins also states that he doesn’t just like color, he loves color and how colors interact with each other.

Accomplished and versatile, Hopkins has studied and taught at many places over the past 30 years and currently works out of his studio in downtown Rockland, Maine. His vibrant designs can be found on our belts, flip flops, key fobs and hats. For more information about Eric Hopkins and his artwork, visit

Eric Hopkins Designed Leather Tab Belts.

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