History of the American Flag

"I wanted to create a belt that depicted the evolution of the American Flag."
- Jim Taylor (owner of Belted Cow Company)
History of the American Flag 
Perhaps no flag is more recognizable than the American Flag. Though its history is deep and it has evolved through nearly 30 versions, the same spirit of the Star Spangled Banner has flown since the birth of our nation. Pay homage to the American Flag's past with this handsome and patriotic design featuring the Continental, Grand Union, Bennington, "Old Glory," and Star Spangled Banner flags. Let freedom ring.
Did you know? The 15 Star Flag flew over Fort McHenry during the War of 1812 and inspired the writing of the National Anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner."
Did you know? The Grand Union Flag is considered to be the first national flag of the United States of America. While the identity of its creator belongs now to the myths of time, the flag continues to bear the British Red Ensign and includes 13 bars and stripes to represent the original 13 colonies.
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Did you know? Today, historians are less than certain that Betsy Ross was actually involved in designing the flag of our then new nation—in fact, Francis Hopkinson might be its creator. 
Did you know?  "Old Glory"  was originally designed to unfurl grandly from a ship’s mast. The original was lovingly stitched by hand to celebrate William Driver's appointment as commander of the Charles Doggett.
Did you know? The Bennington flag features a large “76” in the canton, memorializing the year that the Declaration of Independence was signed.