Lobster Martingale Dog Collar | 1.25 Inch

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How's it made?

A Belted Cow martingale dog collar, also known as a limited slip collar or greyhound collar, is a type of dog collar designed to provide more control over a dog without choking or injuring them. The collar consists of two loops, one large and one smaller, connected by two brass rings. The larger loop goes around the dog's neck, while the smaller loop, also known as the control loop, sits directly behind the dog's ears.

When the dog pulls on the collar, the control loop tightens, preventing the collar from slipping off the dog's head. The design of the martingale collar allows it to distribute pressure evenly around the dog's neck, reducing the likelihood of injury or discomfort. Additionally, the collar can prevent dogs from slipping out of their collar and running away, making it a popular choice for sighthounds, such as greyhounds, whippets, and salukis, which have narrow heads and necks.

Each Belted Cow Dog Collar is field tested on dogs that swim in saltwater, traverse Maine's wilderness, and play in Maine's winter snow. We build our dog collars with only materials we trust -like tough nylon webbing to avoid fraying, Wienerlock side-release buckles for safety, and cast brass rings to avoid rust and corrosion. Made in the USA.

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