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At the onset, we made a promise to always “do things right.” This means an uncompromising commitment to paying attention to every detail—no matter how small. Our dedication to quality is an ongoing commitment. We use high-grade materials like custom solid cast brass buckles, exceptional Italian leathers, and premium cotton webbing woven by Rhode Island’s renowned textile mills. Our philosophy is that we’re not only crafting high-quality wares—we’re cultivating a reputation. We don't put our name on a product unless it’s something of which we’re deeply proud.

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Making a Quality Dog Harness

Dog harnesses have been a topic of conversation at Belted Cow over the years. Customers often asked when we would offer harnesses designed to match the stylish collars and leads we sell. The question inside our facility was, could we build a harness that was better than what was already on the market?

Iconic Pirate Flags

Pirate flags were monumental during the Golden Age of Piracy, and several popular designs have remained well-known to this day. The flag was a symbol of pride for the pirate and his crew, and a symbol of impending doom for others.

The Story of Our One World Belt

A design to stand the test of time, our One World Belt celebrates culture and connectedness in a beautiful, wearable way. A total of 64 different nationalities, plus one cow, are represented on this colorful accessory.